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3% to the Rainforests

What can we do to save the rainforests?

Most of us are aware of the fires in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil that has been spreading out non stop for three weeks now.

Rainforests are often called the lungs of the planet for their role in absorbing carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas, and producing oxygen, upon which all animals depend for survival. This is only a part of the importance of the rainforests.

According to an article on the National Geographics media there have been 72,843 fires this year or 80% increase from last year. More than 9,000 of those fires have been spotted in the last week.

Rainforests once covered about 14% of the earth but today they only cover about 6%. We are destroying the rainforests so quickly that some say it’s only a matter of 40 years until they are all gone. This is a very serious issue.

This is a photo of the Amazon burn in 1989, photo taken by NASA.

Even though the fires in Amazon get the most attention now, altough not enough attention in my opinion, there is so much more going on out there. There are wildfires in many countries and states, dangerous earthquakes, glaciers melting, corals dying and heat record all around. It’s so obvious what’s going on, it’s climate change.

Við hjá Tropic notum mikið máltækið margt smátt gerir eitt stórt og höfum við mikla trú á því í þessu tilfelli, þegar kemur að jörðinni okkar. Ef við öll leggjum okkar af mörkum til að reyna koma í veg fyrir þessa þróun sem er að eiga sér stað þá munum við hafa áhrif. Allt er betra en ekkert. Við þurfum að bregðast við núna.

We at Tropic use this saying a lot, small steps – big changes. I have a faith in this saying when it comes to our planet. If we all make some effort, we will all together make a big difference. That is highly needed to try and stop this situation we are dealing with.

What can we do to prevent this?

There is one topic that I can’t let go. It’s the palm oil. The palm oil industry is destroying rainforests at a high speed and the homes of the orangutans but today they are endangered. It’s very hard to avoid the palm oil because it’s almost everywhere, in cosmetics, food, snacks, candy, drinks, soaps, shampoos, cleaning products and so much more! Even though it’s hard, you will get used to it eventually. Take a look at the packaging before buying the product to see if it contains palm oil and before you know it you will know what to avoid.

Other things that are good to keep in mind

When you shop for furniture or some kind of wood or wood based product, try to make sure it’s FSC certified. FSC is an organization that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide.

Image result for fsc logo
Forest Stewardship Council

Plant trees or pay an organization to plant some. All trees count! ?

Say no to paper. It is so easy today in 2019 to have everything electronic ?

Recycle or by recycled material ♻️

The last but at the same time the most important thing, please eat as much vegetarian food as possible! ?
Many of the fires in the rainforests are made of men who need to destroy the forest to build a land for cattle breeding ?

Picture from https://www.hindustantimes.com

I could go on for ages, talking about these issues but I want to end this blog announcing that we at Tropic will donate 3% of all income to Tropic each month to the Rainforest Alliance. I hope you check out their site and see the good work they are doing for our planet. We hope everybody will try to do their best to save our rainforests – and our planet.