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Þú safnar punktum af heildarupphæð körfunnar. Þú sérð fjölda punkta þegar þú bætir vöru í körfuna.
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Woody Fork

kr.590 kr.150
This fork is handcrafted out of coconut palm. The fork is polished, cleaned and finished with organic coconut oil. Each spoon has its own charm and is absolutely essential with the coconut bowl. They are easy to clean but we do not recommend you put them in the dishwasher.


Perfect pouch to store your straws in your purse or even your cutlery!

Rice Husk Keep Cup

kr.3.490 kr.1.745
Please don't be one of those who still use single use coffe cups with the plastic lid and all ?‍♀️ keep one of these beauties with you in the bag, purse or in the car so you can grab it when the need for coffee, hot chocolate or tea awakens! It's always nice to make your daily rituals more environmentally friendly but super urgent as well. These reusable cups are made of rice husk (the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice) but that's a biodegradable and sustainable material. The cup is also double walled insulated so it can keep drinks warm for up to 90 minutes. Non toxic – BPA free – Dishwasher safe – Leak Proof Lid 

Paper Packing Tape 50mmx50m

  • Thick, strong packing tape
  • Paper and glue are fully certified compostable and recyclable
  • 50mm wide by 50 metres long
THE WHAT This roll of tape is made from paper, backed with certified compostable glue and sticks like a dream (so much so we use this on Non Plastic Beach postal boxes). Perfect for sealing postal boxes and for any random uses that you desire!  We even use ours for labeling batch cooked goodies stored in the freezer (avoiding the game of deciding if something is frozen apple crumble or icy shepherd's pie at a later date). THE WHY It's so annoying having to tear off normal sticky tape when getting cardboard packing boxes ready for the recycling bin.  With this tape, you just put the whole lot straight in. And if you are using it for sending gifts in the mail, then you're also giving them the gift of minimal hassle with their recycling too. This is one swap we just did and haven't looked back since.

Paper Wrapping Tape 19mm x 50m

Paper wrapping tape which is fully certified compostable and recyclable.  19mm x 50m THE WHAT If you've been looking for a strong effective and plastic free tape then stop right here.  This roll of tape is made from paper, backed with certified compostable glue and sticks like a dream. Perfect for wrapping your plastic free gifts. THE WHY Many wrapping papers are recyclable (watch for foil or glitter) but normal sticky tape isn't. If you switch to paper tape then you and your recipients can relax knowing that it can all be safely placed in your recycle bin.

Stainless Steel Straw / BENT

Here you can choose a straight single stainless steel straw from all our beautiful colors!

Stainless Steel Straw / STRAIGHT

You can choose your straight stainless steel straw/s from all our beautiful colors!